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What It Takes To Start A Joyful Retirement Journey?

Joyful Retiement - The 7 Step Strategy for Healthy, Wealthy and Early Retirement


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What about your early retirement? Or has it forced early retirement? At what income level do you want to retire? If you start earning at 25, retire at 45, and live for till 95- Do you have an adequate retirement corpus? You are trying to make sure that the money earned in 20 years is managed well for another 50 years. It is not so easy but can be learned. This book lays out specific actions you can take to put these strategies into practice for your retirement, and it’s never too late to reinvent your joyful retirement journey.

Whether 25-45 age, a successful earning career needs a solid plan – a healthy, wealthy, and early retirement does, too. Developing a meaningful and enjoyable retirement takes some work and planning. It does not just naturally happen. The book will show you a future you didn’t know was possible! He has perfectly brought out multiple aspects of life during working years and post-retirement. If you are in your earning years, read this book to understand the retirement planning concepts and implement the strategies for you.

In some cases, this book may confirm what you are currently doing right; in others, they will identify a gap in your retirement planning that needs to be developed to attain the level of retirement life you know you deserve. Yes, It covers many aspects of retirement over and above finances and a holistic perspective of the joyful retirement journey. It would be undoubtedly the most precious gift to your grandchildren if you are already retired, and sure they will love it and remember you forever.

Brimming with practical advice from author Rupakumar Pradhan and expert insights from his experience, The ‘Joyful Retirement’ is a priceless retirement planning tool for you. The path to your Joyful Retirement starts right here!

Joyful Retiement - The 7 Step Strategy for Healthy, Wealthy and Early Retirement



  • Discover why I should plan for retirement in your life and design your joyful retirement plan.
  • It is a simple 7 Step Strategy; this is an easy book for you to follow.
  • Empower yourself with a clear path to a successful retirement journey and inspires you to take action.
  • Integrate your activities with plenty of expert advice in a step-by-step way that is easy for you to understand.
  • Watch 12 Expert Interview Videos (average 23 minutes per show, total 285 minutes and 4.76 hours) 12 Chapters-wise only for you,
  • And most importantly, learn the art of turning your no savings into a significant corpus and a challenge to close the gap between your expectations and realities in your retirement plan journey.
  • Empower you to achieve success when you retire.


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Expert Interview Videos

12 Video Interviews, 12 Chapters, 12 Indian & International Industry Experts
Average 23 Minutes Each Show, Total 285 Minutes, Total 4.76 Hours

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Who is this book for

No matter where you are in your life right now, whether you are 25 years old or 35 years old, retirement is an inevitable phase in everybody’s life. Whether you don’t like to talk about retirement planning or you believe in enjoying life at present, a retirement episode is an inevitable new journey of life in everybody’s life. Whether you are currently succeeding at the highest level of your job or struggling to find a way to make more, there is one thing common; retirement life is waiting for you.

Ask these questions to yourself. Do I know what my dream retirement?
How do I know if I have enough money to retire? What can I do to retire early? What do I do if I forced into early retirement? Retirement today is more complex than your previous generation. Your parents’ retirement and your retirement may not be the same. No matter what you do or what your age is, or what profession you are in, you need a plan to help make it happen.

I wrote this book for you: the novice, the worried, the fearful, the anxious. I know you need help navigating the road ahead for joyful retirement in your life. I have helped steer people toward happy and satisfied retirements my whole life, and that’s what I want to do for you.

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