HappyMoney Coaching

HappyMoney Coaching

What if it were easy (and even a little exciting) for you to take charge of your finances. Yes, save for the future and feel great about money? It means you are in Happy Money Zone.

You may not believe me right now, but it is thrilling when you take control of your money. Because when you do, you are also taking control of your life.

As your HappyMoney Coach, I’ll make it easy for you to get clear, get conscious, and get connected to your money. It will help you can breathe a big sigh of relief, become completely confident in your financial well-being and transform your relationship with money, so it becomes your trusted partner in creating a life you love.

Here are the three phases of our work together:

1) Get Clear and Take Charge.

  • A just-for-you spending plan that honors your values, desires, and secret wishes, so you never feel deprived of the things you value and love.
  • Get clear about how much you have and how much is coming in. Yes, what you can spend, and how to save for those financial dreams like children’s education, retirement savings, vacations, or enjoying the lifestyle.
  • A money management system that puts you in charge of your money… in less than 5 minutes a day!
  • Get a debt repayment strategy and how to save your way out of debt. You can put an end to chronic debt issues forever in your life.

2) Straight to the Heart of the Matter

  • Break free of the emotional triggers and autobiographical influences that cause you to spend too much or earn too little.
  • Understand why you have been in a fog when it comes to money so you can stay clearheaded and in control.
  • Recognize the stories, beliefs, and attitudes about money that can tempt you to spend more than you have.
  • Why you may be earning less than your worth and how to maximize your earning potential.

3) Your Life… The Upgraded Version

  • Design and execute a ‘Comprehensive Financial Plan’ to realize your wildest dreams and create your ideal lifestyle.
  • Enjoy spending money because it’s guilt-free, debt-free, and a part of your plan.
  • Live in the joy and freedom of knowing your money will always be there for you, supporting your deepest needs, core values, and grandest financial goals…. now and in the future.

Rupakumar Pradhan, CFP, CWM, follows the ‘Six-Steps Financial Planning Process’ to create recommendations for their clients. He can help you make a plan designed to reach your goals, guide you through it and then review your progress over time.

Are you ready to get started?
If you’ve got questions about how we might work together, let’s schedule a time to discuss.