Joyful Investing Workshop

Joyful Investing Workshop

Start Investing With Certainty!

Join this event and learn how to find investments that work for you– and make you money!

In ‘Joyful Investing Workshop’, Rupakumar empowers you to take control of your finances and realize your power over money. In this exclusive workshop, you will learn to overcome your fears and financial obstacles, explore how to become debt-free, save for retirement, invest for success, buy big-ticket items, make finances a family affair, and the must-haves protecting yourself, your family, and your money.

In this workshop, Rupakumar discusses how people make financial decisions, the emotional reasons behind them, identify myths that most often lead to investing mistakes, and how to create an inflation-proof retirement portfolio.

  • Know the investment world
  • Decision Making
  • Saving and Investing
  • Asset allocation and performance evaluation
  • Evaluation and implementation of innovative investment strategies across all industry segments.
  • Investment decisions in a world of expected low returns
  • Challenges of size for both asset allocators and asset managers
  • Strategic drivers of growth and profitability
  • New approaches to investment policy design and execution
  • Drivers of success for activism as an investment strategy

Invest Smart! Build Wealth+ Well-Being!

By the end of ‘Joyful Investing Workshop’, you will have to review your watchlist and the confidence you need to take ownership of your financial future.