“Joyful Retirement Specialist” Workshop

Joyful Retirement Specialist

The “Joyful Retirement Specialist” workshop makes a difference for your clients.

What if it were easy (and even a little exciting) for you to take charge of your financial advisory profession, learn the new techniques, build the skills for the future, and feel great about your career?

While starting your career is important, enhancing the required knowledge, skill, habits, marketing techniques, and scheme details before going to the market and integrating them into a proven strategy is ultimately the key to become a successful financial advisor.

You may not believe me right now, but it is thrilling when you take these three days workshops and prosper your career. Because when you do, you are also achieving excellence in your profession.
  • Are you excited about your financial advisor career but worried about getting bored and not having enough to do?
  • Has your work consumed you over 8– 10 hours per day, and are you no longer sure about your business growth?
  • Are you concerned about a lack of a predictable structure on generating 3-5 highly quality appointments every day with people already interested in what you have to offer without spending much time?
  • Do you have a proven strategy for increasing the case size anywhere from 50% to 300% and significant case closure and close 70-80% on the virtual call (despite the pandemic)?
  • Do you want to learn the techniques of how to close anywhere from 20 to 25 high-paying, high-net-worth clients every month consistently?
  • Are you considering a new career as a “Joyful Retirement Specialist” and want an opportunity to grow your business.

This Three-Day workshop prepares you for a successful transition into “Joyful Retirement Specialist” by addressing key areas of concern with realistic strategies.

Program Length:

3 Days Workshop


  • This workshop is designed to help you understand and implement sound retirement planning concepts and skills that allow you to succeed as a professional.
  • Designed for practitioners who want a thorough understanding of retirement planning, the “Joyful Retirement Specialist” program is an informative and engaging learning experience that will enhance your knowledge in retirement planning.
  • We show you how to gain skill, experience, and knowledge as a trainer in this 3-days workshop.
  • This workshop will help professionals to develop more vital people skills and learn how to achieve 10X in business.

Who Should Attend?

  • Life Insurance Agents, Financial Planners, Financial Advisors, Wealth Managers, Relationship Managers, and Aspiring Financial Advisors.
  • It’s for Financial Advisors who are looking to 10X their professional growth.


  • Gain knowledge and resources to start your profession successfully.
  • Build your trustworthiness by taking a proven advisory approach.
  • Recommend strategies for clients with concentrated wealth to achieve liquidity, diversification, income, charitable giving, and tax efficiency.
  • Build your practice through proven advice strategies and marketing activities.
  • Understand retirement planning related financial products and services
  • Develop a client contact strategy and marketing plan.
  • Will ensure that the “Joyful Retirement Specialist” will understand the buyer.
  • Trainees will get a keen insight into the Retirement Planning aspects of customers’ needs.
  • Trainees will get a keen insight into the Retirement Planning aspects of customers’ needs.
  • The workshop will help you stay motivated in highly competitive situations and close deals.

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